Why should I use SnapKick to run a martial arts tournament?

We know what Promoters need

SnapKick was created by two seasoned martial artists with years of experience competing in and managing karate tournaments.

We know first hand how frustrating it can be to keep track of registrations on different bits of paper, dealing with piles of forms, trying to collect fees and running to the bank with piles of checks or cash. And that’s all on top of the logistics of running tournaments and managing a karate school or martial arts business. We live and breathe martial arts, just like you, so we know what makes a tournament great, just like you.

SnapKick is just for martial arts

SnapKick is specifically designed to help you run the most successful martial arts or karate tournament in your area. You don’t need to try to customize a generic ticketing tool or sign-up software to your specific needs. SnapKick is just for martial arts. This means we’ve included tools that will:

  • Promote your karate tournament to the right people
  • Manage tournament registration, attendance and payment
  • Automatically create the complex division lists unique to martial arts tournaments – so you don’t have to!

Everything is kept in one place, making it easy for you to promote and manage your competitions, and to share your martial art with your community.

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