How do I get people to sign up for my martial arts tournament?

If you’re a martial arts tournament promoter or Dojo, or you manage a karate school, it can be tough to get the word out about how to register for your karate tournaments. You can end up spending hours trying to manage sign-ups as well as running the martial arts competitions.

SnapKick’s promoter tools can help you streamline both the publicity and logistics of running your tournaments and competitions. We can save you the time it takes to collect forms and paperwork from different people.

Once your tournament is listed on SnapKick, you can direct your local martial arts community to one simple place to find out the competition details, sign up and pay. You can:

  • Easily share your SnapKick tournament page on Facebook to fans.
  • Email your students just one quick link to your SnapKick competition registration site.
  • Tell your classes to check out your martial arts school’s tournament information, all helpfully listed on your SnapKick promoter page.

Not only that, but once your martial arts tournament is live on the SnapKick events listing, you’ll be able to access a much wider audience. SnapKick can help you:

  • Gain worldwide attention for your martial arts tournament.
  • Target the right martial arts competitor community for your event.
  • Drive relevant traffic to your events pages.
  • Promote your school and tournaments to a new audience.

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