How can I accept checks and cash for my karate tournament with SnapKick?

We know that not everyone will want to pay for your martial arts tournament online. So SnapKick includes an offline registration handler which allows you to take manual registrations for your martial arts and karate tournaments, as well as all your school’s events.

You can add in tournament competitors to your tournament listing, or they can register online and choose to pay by cash or check on the day. SnapKick will automatically add them to your tournament lists, and most importantly, to the SnapKick division lists.

This means that no matter how your competitors decide to register and pay for your martial arts and karate events, SnapKick helps you to reduce time and stress of manually filling out forms and creating division lists. You’ll have more time to run a successful karate tournament or martial arts belt test.

SnapKick charges a $2.50 competitor for all registrations regardless of payment type. Offline transactions save SnapKick’s 5% processing fee. Fees are deducted from the final lump sum payment sent to the martial arts school after the event has taken place.

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